10 Recent Links to Funding for Youth and Juvenile Justice Programs

Below are Ten (10) Links to Foundations and Grants that will be helpful in funding your Youth Justice and Juvenile Justice activities.  Special thanks to, “Making the Time for Juvenile Crime.” -Scott Peterson

The Youth Today Website has a great listing of grants from private and public and links are provided for each listed opportunity.

The Foundation Center at Philanthropy News Digest lists primarily private corporate and foundation funding and grant opportunities.

The National Clearing House for Family and Youth at the Administration for Children, Youth and Families has a listing of grants and these are primarily federal grants.  If your special interest is in protecting children, click here.

The Grantsmanship Center has a clickable map where you click on your state and you are provided with a listing of community and state foundations and Corporate Grants. Raising money from grants entails careful organizational self- assessment and planning, long before you submit a skillful proposal.    Training is available from The Grantsmanship Center.

Have you seen the new Grants listing at Spark Action?  It’s worth spending time here if you are a concerned teacher, counselor, parent of a troubled teen, or advocate for youth.

Grants.Gov has a user friendly website where you click on the federal agency for funding or you can click on categories like Youth Development or Justice Grants.  Click here

The Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) lists funding announcements directly from OJJDP and they have a map to funding sources in your states.

The National Criminal Justice Reference Center has a listing of a wide range of criminal and juvenile justice grants.  While at the website – join their e-newsletter to get updates.

The Open Society Institute and Foundation offers a wide range grants.  Yes – this is foundation of Billionaire George Soros and they have many outstanding opportunities.

The Global Youth Justice Website lists all of the above funding opportunities and hundreds and hundreds more.  Check out the Famous Resource Links Button at the Global Youth Justice

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