Bishops sue to block Alabama H.B. 56 immigration law

As several states in the U.S. have expressed their dissatisfaction with federal immigration law by enacting tougher laws of their own, religious leaders and civil rights groups have challenged the state laws in court.[pullquote]’No law is just which prevents the proclamation of the Gospel, the baptizing of believers, or love shown to neighbor in need. I do not wish to stand before God and, when God asks me if I fed him when he was hungry or gave him to drink when he was thirsty, to reply: yes, Lord, as long as you had the proper documents.’  Roman Catholic Archbishop Thomas J. Rodi[/pullquote]The most recent challenges are underway in Alabama, where H.B. 56 is poised to impose penalties and fines against anyone who knowingly transports or assists immigrants who are in the U.S. illegally.  Alabama bishops of the Roman Catholic, Episcopal and United Methodist Church have filed suit in federal court to prevent the enforcement of the new law, which has been called the toughest in the nation, tougher even than the Arizona law which was the first to step into the fray.

[Special thanks to Odyssey Networks and Mary Job, Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta.]