Online fundraising: peacemaking costs money

There’s no way around it.  Doing good, on a scale big or small, costs money!  And doing good is more effective —  and fun — if you’re not toiling away alone.

Hearing about my new blog, and about my hopes of creating a hybrid enterprise blending social activism and entrepreneurial creativity, a friend told me about a couple of dynamite resources online, and I share them with you here.  If you know of others, please share them by selecting “Comment.”

The first is, whose mission immediately appealed to me:

Socialbrite is a learning hub & sharing community that brings together top experts in social media, causes and online philanthropy. We’re here to share insights about tools and best practices that advance the social good. This is a community learning center — please contribute your wisdom! We also offer strategic services to nonprofits.

The second, featured in the headline, is  Crowdrise harnesses the power of online social media and networking, enabling its members to harness the power of the web to raise funds for the charity or cause of their choice.

What’s so appealing about is its humorous and irreverent tone, even as it offers powerful tools for reaching friends on behalf of thousands of charitable causes.

“Please only read all this if you’re super bored or you’re writing a paper on ways to give back and you’re looking for something to plagiarize…”

Obviously it skews toward a young, jaded but idealistic demographic.  As someone who is, well, let’s say, a “few years” beyond this demo, I found myself chuckling and, occasionally, laughing out loud at the site’s presentation.

An added bonus is that the site offers its readers the chance to win a generous assortment of incentives and premiums for reaching certain goals.

When you sign up at, you create a page for your cause or charity.  You receive a unique URL to share with your social network, along with easy-to-use links to Facebook and Twitter.  You can line up support through direct contributions, or through sponsorships for your participation in pretty much anything that ends with “a-thon.”

So, peacemakers, why not check it out?  List your cause, get an URL, spread the word.

“All we are saying
Is give peace a page.”